Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, REF has discontinued work in schools for the remainder of this school year. Now accepting partners for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. 

Contact info@REF4Schools.com for more information.

Welcome to Rebuilding Educational Foundations!

Now more than ever your school will need REF on your side this fall. The pandemic forced closures of schools across the nation. This leaves our most vulnerable students more vulnerable than ever.  While we rush to assure that they are not falling behind academically, socially and emotionally, are we remaining mindful of the impact a lack of movement will have had on our students? 

Social distancing has required us to be safe in ways that protect our families, but these necessary requirements do not meet the needs of our students who have limited places to play, roam, and just be kids. This lack of physical activity will be detrimental in the long run for those students who need the extra movement gym programs, ballet classes, soccer games, and recess have long provided. They needed more movement before this pandemic became a reality. So, what will we do now to make certain that their physical and developmental needs help to advance the learning lags caused from missing so much school? 

The new school year is certain to bring questions, concerns, and regression. REF can help. Whether meeting compliance requirements with our REFace program or providing quality programming for learners of all abilities with our REFocus program, we are in a unique position to understand and assist your school in a variety of ways. Check us out today and let us be the REF for your school(s)!  

The REF Difference
Rebuilding Educational Foundations, LLC, is a company that is different than what you are used to. Our company has unique characteristics that you must check out to believe – and it gets better with every school we work with!
Our mission is to provide hope to all students by tapping into, growing, and maintaining skills, guaranteeing success for a lifetime. We look to partner with schools who are motivated to create the best resources possible with a big focus on student success, and a balanced focus on compliance.
If you want to create an atmosphere where collaboration is a mainstay, flexibility is a must, students are valued, and a positive, self-motivated attitude makes you part of a unique school family, then you need to call us today!